If you have any questions that are not covered by these documents or websites, please contact the:
The Reverend Kuncoro Rusman - kuncoro@rusman.com.au
Honorary Assistant Priest: The Reverend Professor Lachlan Thompson
Churchwardens: Andrew Prentice, Riduan Hutajulu
Parish Council Members: Samson Alfred, Ifan Gultom, Christine Hetharia, Indra Karmawan, Steve Khan, Javel Lall,
Ian Robertson
Parish Child Safe Officer: Hee Young No

Child Safety

The following documents describe the policies of All Saints and the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne.
- All Saints Commitment to our Children
- All Saints Code of Conduct
- Child Safety Policy (Diocese)
- Child Safe Code of Conduct (Diocese)
- Summary Church's (Diocese) Response to the Child Safe Standards
- Commission for Children and Young People

Professional Standards - Anglican Diocese of Melbourne

- Melbourne Faithfulness in Service
- Professional Standards Regulation 2017
- Complaints Protocol Kooyoora
- Ministry Clearance Protocol Kooyora
- Anglican Diocese of Melbourne Professional Standards Page

Kooyoora is an Independent organisation for complaints against church workers.
Phone: 1800 135 246
Email: enquiries@kooyoora.org.au

Parish Governance

Parish Council Handbook (2017 Edition)
- Parish Duty of Care Handbook (2012) (pdf)
- Parish Duty of Care Forms (2011) (pdf)